The "Bistro" Menu
at the Ermitage

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Mixed salad bouquet

Pumpkin cream to the pistou

Supreme of dry bean salad wild duck

Salad of goat heat roasted with the almonds

The traditional ones

Rib steak of Simmenthal ha!, with the mushrooms of autumn

Veal escalope Viennese

Calf in Damounaise

Veal escalope to ham of mountain, gratinée with the reblochon

Dirty dishes girls

Poultry chop Parmesane

Filled poultry white of Parma ham and cheese of Etivaz
The stew of seven hour old wild boar to the tagliatelli

Paving stone of roast stag and crystallized pear or juice of bilberries

Hare thigh in venaison furnished with the arômates

Around of a single dish
(dice 2 sea-green)

Mixed salad, beef sauces and apples fried

Charbonnade of hunting
Roe-deer young wild boar and stag

Been useful with sauce drives out, fruit trimming, vegetables and spaetzli

Our desserts

Rice pudding with vanilla bourbon caramel melting with the orange

Dry fruit compote with the Armagnac and its savarin,
Sorbet with apple.
Granity or champagne

Blown frozen with sheet, coconut of pineapple caramelized with spices and sauce,
cream Frozen with mango scented with the flower of orange tree

Choice of sorbets house

Pot of caramel custard chocolate
With the juicy grapes

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