Hua Hin 2002

Following Early September in Bangkok

September 17-23, 2002

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

On the Road to AnantaraThe drive from Bangkok to Hua Hin took about two hours. On board our Anantara Resort Limo-van were Watcharee, myself, her cousin (Pichet) and his wife (Noi), and our friend Alex. On Thursday, Alexís girl friend, Nuch, will join us.

The burning question at the moment is: will Noi achieve the same notoriety that her other cousin (Tik) achieved when she was photographed a year ago while taking this same road trip. Of course, being asleep in a chauffeur driven car immediately made Tik a 'suspect.' As you can see, Noi remained awake the whole time.

Watcharee and I are in the same suite that we had last year. I wonder, Paul, if we have any old pictures lying around the place ... just to see if things have remained the same.

P.S. Tonight the five of us had an early dinner at Rim Nam Thai restaurant here in the Anantara. The five appetisers, five main courses and five desserts took four hours to finish.

"Jesus, Alf, get on with the elephant polo ... we're not logging on here to see you guys stuff your faces with yom grits ... or whatever that stuff is you're eating. Actually, a lot of us are still mighty pissed that you did not bring your ladyboy team ... or, at least some nubile slappers from Nana or Cowboy. It's bad enough that we're just going to see a bunch of aged jocks whack at the grass!"

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

There has been some glossy press coverage about our little sport. Most of the pictures have been from last year when the Screwy Tusker logo was being still freshly tossed about. The glossiest picture is from the September issue of Thai Tatler.

Aside from the official program there is even a 'scratch card'.

I donít think anything is planned for tonight ... so the five of us will probably just return to the Rim Nam for another round of Thai cuisine.

More later ... if there is more!

Thursday, September 19, 2002

The lobby of the Anantara Resort and Spa is very welcoming. This is the official hotel and main sponsor of the King's Cup Elephant Polo Tournament. Most of the monies that are raised from this event go to one of Thailand's most worthwhile animal charities: The Elephant Conservation Centre.

For the entire week the main entrance of the hotel is dedicated to the sport ... but, all the photographs are from 2001 as last year was the first time that elephant polo was played in Thailand. For this year, not only is there some original e-polo art but someone has even built a model of the playing field.

Nothing or great seriousness really starts until tomorrow. Everything up until Friday is really just preparation for the weekend when the Championship Games are played.

The posted list of teams for this year shows the Screwy Tuskers as one of the teams. However, it is playing 'under license' this year as my own girls couldn't make it. In fact, the Screwy Tuskers even played in Sri Lanka last year ... again under license.1

But in keeping with a long Screwy Tuskers tradition, today's surrogate PST team managed to successfully lose Thursday's game.

This Afternoon Alex's girlfriend, Nuch, arrived from Bangkok. Tonight we had dinner on the beach. It was a casual night for all of us.

1 There were a lot of extra Screwy Tuskers T-shirts floating around from prior it was only natural that the ST logo showed up even when the players might have preferred another name.

Friday, September 20, 2002

Yikes! I completely forgot about the journal.

But, can anyone recognize this picture? I'm sure Don Bull can ... but, can even he tell what happened to 'it'?

What Happened?

Saturday, September 21, 2002


Yes, there was elephant polo today! The Germans won.

Yes, Watcharee and I bought an outrageously expensive hammock at a charity auction for elephants.

No, I was not drunk when I danced on stage with Samantha.

Sunday, September 22, 2002

It rained for most of the day so 'today's' pictures are just some leftovers from last night.

Tonight Alex and Nuch are going back to Bangkok; tomorrow Watcharee and I and her cousins will also return to Bangkok.

Monday, September 23, 2002

The rainy drive from Hua Hin back to Bangkok took four hours ... and by then, it was time for bed.

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