Where in the World is Alf? (Part XXI)

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June 2003

Friday, June 27, 2003

"Dead Like Me"

Flaming Toilet Seat

Showtime ... the first episode is 75 minutes ... in it 'our' girl is killed by a flaming toilet seat from the disintegrating MIR.

Saturday, June 28, 2003

Walking malpractice: [at the expense of "The People of the State of California vs...."].(*)

(*) My first real law-job ... 1965, Deputy District Attorney, Stanislaus County, California.

Sunday, June 29, 2003

Dear reader ... (in particular, my fellow corkscrew addicts) ... here are some 'dark' metal corkscrews that I found around the house ...

Click to enlarge!

Our webmaster has silent sites of his own where he could have said this, but he decided to share it here with us instead:

I can empathize with Rummy's failure to find any "weapons of mass destruction." All sorts of things can be frustratingly misplaced, even though we formerly knew Just Where They Were!

Every day I spend many lost minutes trying to find my car keys before I head out for Costco or wherever. Indeed, on a larger (physical) scale: With each advancing month toward geriatricity, I find that I more frequently lose MY ENTIRE CAR in the Costco parking lot. I must walk up and down each row of cars, looking for ... which car did I bring here? ... after I've been shopping for ... what did I come here to buy? ... I forget!

Thus, it was consoling to hear Donny Rum address the issue of "no WMDs." As he analogized, we haven't been able to find Saddam himself yet, either, but does anyone doubt that HE existed????

Finally, Rummy, an explanation that makes sense! These things are all still out there; we just don't know where they are yet! This includes:

Now that I realize that our nation is simply experiencing "a senior moment" ... it all seems just fine!

Monday, June 30, 2003 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAVID!)

Again ... for my corkscrew friends ...

Here are some 'light' steel items:

Click to enlarge!

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