December in Bangkok, Part IV

After Part III

December 26-31, 2003

Friday, December 26, 2003

Originally this driver had two passengers on his motorcycle: his friend and the friend's python. Well, it seems that the boy behind the driver got tired of holding the snake ... so he draped it over the driver's shoulder. Apparently the snake took umbrage at being 'tossed' to another ... so (s)he (the snake) went into its squeezing mode.

The result was catastrophic for all but the snake.

Tonight Pom and Watcharee made dinner: duck, spicy clams, pork, vegetables and soup.

PS: Yesterday, being Christmas, was naturally a slow day for web browsing. Most Internet families had turned off their machines and made themselves busy with helping Ma make stuffing for the big bird or by giving Gramps a hand with the spiced cider. Still others took the time out to visit Rev. Weems.

I am sure that most (well, half) of my readers were doing just that. But that other half ... well, they (or, it) set a new in-house record for hits on this page.

Is there something 'Christmasy' about them?

Saturday, December 27, 2003

Today I discovered an elevated pedestrian/cycle walkway that runs from the end of Soi Ruam Rudi to Soi Sukhumvit 10. I think only Thais use it. I know that this is not of interest to everybody.

PS: I haven't had a political cartoon in these pages since the Iraq war started.

Sunday, December 28, 2003 (teaser)

It has been a long time ... yes, a very long time ... since THOCBDC last brought you a picture from a Norwegian web cam. When I first searched for Norwegian web cams I had no problem finding interesting sites: fish packing plants in Stavanger, the airport runway lights at Tromso ... even the rocky coast near Bodo. Now when I 'tune in' "Norwegian web cams" I am more likely to find an Oslo student giving herself a hand-job or, well ...

How refreshing to find ... what the camera operator calls ... "the northern part of Strandgaten (left-right in the middle of the picture) and Oscarsgaten".

Haugesund, Norway
Strandgaten / Oscarsgaten
200 m north of the town center. The camera stops nighttime.

This picture is shot through the office windows of Folkeuniversitetet, showing Christiansenhuset (white, old house) the northern part of Strandgaten (left-right in the middle of the picture) and Oscarsgaten. The mid, left road is where the Hasseløy bridge starts. All behind we may be able to see traffic in our main street Haraldsgaten.

PS to the "teaser": Here are two more late night Norwegian views for your pleasure...they are pretty much self-explanatory:

Indre kai og Smedasundet i Haugesund
Kameraene oppdateres hvert minutt. Trykk F5 for oppdatering.

Kamera mot nord

Indre kai nord: 28.12.2003 04:09:54

Kamera mot sør.

Indre kai sør: 28.12.2003 04:09:34

PPS: This is the kind of stuff found on the other Norwegian web cams.

Monday, December 29, 2003 (Pre-Journal)

Sky Train etiquette (you have to look closely to read the English...but the pictures do convey the ideas:

Monday, December 29, 2003

Mr. Ben has a counterpart in Bangkok's dental profession. Apparently the fine 'eyework' which is so necessary in successful bicuspid and molar tinkering lends itself quite nicely when asked to guide the tattoo needle.

Tuesday, December 30,2003

Using Canon 'stitch' technology I made Tuesday a pretty sedentary day: shooting from both sides of the Chao Phrya, including one 'click' aimed at the street below that was taken from our 'community' pool area.

PS: Res Ipsa!

Wednesday, December 31, 2003

A belated Merry Christmas and a tad-early Happy New Year:

PS: Tonight we'll welcome 2004 at The Oriental. It is the biggest night of the year for Bangkok's hotels ... in particular my neighboring 'top drawer' river front hotels: The Oriental, The Peninsula and the Shangri-La.

At midnight these three ... plus the Sheraton (only slightly up-river) ... will stagger their fireworks display, producing an apparently moving stream of pyrotechnics that will last for about 40 minutes. Tomorrow I'll post what happened tonight.

When I looked at the picture that I put up a few hours ago ... the one of the sign with the mostly Thai 'greeting' that I discovered on the street ... I saw that the little bit of English was hard to make out. So here is another 'go' at the same sign ... with a little help from Adobe Photo Shop.

Coming next: 2004!

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