France, June 1999

Paul's Report

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Our great French adventure is over. On June 19, we all flew home to Washington and Florida. Our previous two weeks, spent in Burgundy and the Loire valley, were simply spectacular. And they resulted in enough photos to choke a minilab. Except most of them didn't need a lab!

Through the magic of the Nikon Coolpix 950, our adventures are already available here for your viewing. Although I did most of the clicking, littered through the collection are several pretty good ones (primarily shot by Annie, when I insisted that she click some.)

Anyway, of the 1,935 digital photos shot with the digital camera, I've loaded up about 700 of them for your perusal. This includes our adventures in sightseeing (which occupied a few hours each day), lunch (which occupied even more time each day), dinner (which tended to be a little briefer), and cruising the roads of France. Oh, and of course you'll see shots of our eleven consecutive nights of ballooning, which set a record for meteorological good fortune. See it all when you visit our Digital Photo Album.

The text of my traditional journal has lagged a bit, as time for typing was truly tight ... and such time as there was tended to be spend tinkering with the digital photos. You can read the first entries here though, and if you check back later, you may find that additional words have been added to accompany the pictures.

Also available: Some photos Alf took, both with his digital Mavica (including a short minimovie) and with his APS Elph.

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