Corkscrew Balloon I: Specifications

Envelope Type: Cameron A-180
Envelope Volume: 180,000 cu feet (FAI class AX10)
= 5100 cu meters
= 5,100,000 liters
= 6,800,000 bottles of wine
Deflation/Vent System: Smart Vent
Weight of Envelope: 454 lbs (206 kg)
Normal Fuel/Approx. Duration: 75 gallons propane/2 - 2.5 hours
(enough time for a snack with wine)
Extended Fuel/Approx. Duration: 145 gallons propane/3.5 - 5.5 hours
(enough time for a long lunch with lots of wine)
Maximum Envelope Temperature: 250 degrees Fahrenheit
(we could cook in it if we had a pulley)
Maximum Gross Wt: 3600 lbs (1633 kg)
Basket: Thunder and Colt 10 passenger T partition
(Custom Bombard Design for 8 passengers)
Burner Power: Approximately 75 million BTUs using 3 main burners
plus quiet liquid burner for not driving cows crazy
(Custom Bombard Design)
Artist: Lee Anna Yater

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