The Photo Shoot

Fort Lauderdale, April 23, 1998

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Denise (12835 bytes)Dear reader, I am sure that you remember Denise: that totally charming and wholly eye catching young wench who "penned" two of my balloon journals. Note, however, that she HAS appeared in three of them as a leading star.

If your memory is short, or if you are a visitor, you may want to visit her Italian diary, where she discovered grappa while biking in the Venetto region of the olive oil land ... not to forget her highs at Palio in Siena. Or, explore the French wine regions where she first tasted real Burgundy in real Burgundy. Perhaps you would prefer to fly high with her in the Swiss Alps, via a journal that Stephani takes credit for. Whatever, go visit her before you read another word.

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OK, are you back again?

The good news is that she may make a return ... a comeback in new clothes ... well, maybe without clothes. However, that will be more interesting ... won't it? But, this time she will appear in the size of a ten story office building. Yes, Denise, the balloon passenger, may find herself on my newest balloon envelope as a work of art. And, if so, she would be "traveling" with her former room mate and friend, Christen (another work of art).

As you know, my two previous balloons were both done in a corkscrew motif. Well, I have departed only slightly from this theme for the third balloon. Design (11520 bytes)You have all heard of mermaids ... right? ... well, I am introducing the concept of "screwmaids": toothsome morsels who sport screws rather than tails for the lower bits.

Anyway, on April 23rd (St. George's Day) a secret photo session was held in South Florida. Over a hundred photographs were taken during a three hour Margarita laden respite. From these negatives, turned positive, Balloon Artist Jeff will create the design for the "screwmaid" balloon. Though these photographs are highly classified at this time, I am now able to at least post a Polaroid of those people who were involved in this Herculean effort. Unfortunately, Jeff is not in the snap as someone had to click the shutter ... sigh ... we were working with a camera sans self timer. We are sort of low tech when it comes to cameras.

Anyway, go take a peek at Denise and Christen and the people who are responsible for this stuff and everything else that will be seen on my latest page. I think you will be teased by it.

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