The June 17 Unveiling

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A Bit of Hyperbole, but not much.

Up until June 17th it was the most closely guarded secret in the universe: Jeff Brewington's design for Corkscrew Balloon III. Ever since the models (Denise and Christen) were photographed many weeks ago, Jeff has sealed his studio from prying eyes. The ShootOnly his trusted companion, Lisa, was allowed access to the safe room where the "oeuvre" was taking shape.

On June 16th Jeff promised me that THAT very evening the unveiling would take place. We agreed to a 6:30 "launch". Denise was excited beyond belief. I could hardly contain my own glee. Shortly after 7:00PM the phone rang. Jeff's voice dripped the disappointing news: there would be no show that night. Finishing touches were needed. Perhaps a thigh was not perfect, maybe a breast was not sufficiently rounded. Who knows.

Whatever, in the very early morning of the 17th I went to the location of Jeff's other job; at a fitness club in a big building that is owned by the former king of Blockbusters. I positioned myself on the treadmill and awaited news of the postponement. Denise arrived shortly thereafter. We discussed our mutual horror. Jeff eventually dropped into the scene about twenty minutes later, cap in hand. Oozing apologies he promised that tonight (June 17th) the curtain would rise ... promptly at 6:30.

With wringing hands Denise and Chris were at my house a half dozen minutes before the stage lights were about to dim. Sadly, the clock chimed seven bells and Jeff was still not here. Frantic phone calls were made right and left but all we heard were recorded messages. Good God! Perhaps the thing had been hijacked and Jeff was now lying in a pool of blood: another casualty of South Florida violence.

But, then there was a reassuring knock on the door. It was Jeff and Lisa AND the "oeuvre". Bottles of wine were opened as Jeff prepared for the unveiling. Excitement was high. If there had been small children present they would have been shrieking with joy ... as if Santa was personalizing their gift.

Finally, the moment came. We could tell that there was something wonderful behind that covering sheet of paper.

DeniseThere it was: first the sketch and then the design.

Denise playfully and photographically autographed the launch of her ten story tall ship-of-life in my hot air balloon den.

Dear Reader, sigh, there is far more to come before this saga ends. Jeff continues to work on other pieces of the balloon sketch. These gores will reveal more of Denise and Christen ... plus some symbolic and suggestive corkscrews from my arcane collection.

I really think that the Cameron Balloon Company of Bristol will enjoy building this balloon.

The Balloon

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