The Search Heats Up

Balloon Model Urgently Needed!

June 27, 2001

Model Search!

The days are slipping away ... pages are flying off the calendar ... we are getting desperate!

Four months ago we began a worldwide search for a particular person ... a pig dresser from China. We thought that she might be the person we needed ... or, if she was not available, perhaps a look-alike person could be found. Although we did have some possible sightings and other helpful responses, months have passed and now the search seems to have stalled without bearing fruit.

It is time to throw our net wider. We recognize that our original Miss Chopsticks ... or even a look-alike ... may prove to be so elusive that she will not be found in time for this assignment, and so we are now looking for others. It is possible that you could be the person we need. If not you, perhaps someone you know. Look at yourself. Look at your friends. Consider all possibilities. You know more people than we do. Please help us as we work toward this critical goal.

A new balloon awaits its birth.

As you probably know, there are three balloons in Alf's Corkscrew Balloon Fleet. They are all different sizes; the latest, mid-sized one had its debut at Chateau d'Oex, Switzerland in January 2000. CB4One year later, on a landing field at the same location, we had a chance to review the preliminary designs Cameron Balloons created for a proposed Corkscrew Balloon IV. Unlike the other three balloons, which have "corkscrew" themes, this balloon focuses on Alf's Screwy Tuskers Elephant Polo team. There are two possible designs: a regular envelope and a special shape. We haven't yet decided which one to build. Before we can build either of these balloons, however, we need a model. (The same model would be used for either of the two designs.)

How would you like to be that model? If you don't think you're the right person, we bet you know someone who would be right for this.

Requirements for model.

The requirements are minimal. We are simply looking for someone who would like to have her image emblazoned on the side of a brand-new hot air balloon (or atop it, if we elect the special shape option). A photo shoot or sketch session can be arranged at any of several locations around the world. Although our initial plan called for an Asian model, we will consider candidates from all nations.

Rewards for model.

Think of the satisfaction of having your image on this balloon! Corkscrew Balloon III has now flown all over Europe, and it has been admired wherever it has gone. The images on that balloon - based upon Denise and Christen - are now beloved by balloon gazers in several European countries. No prior experience is required.

In addition to the fame, however, there is also adventure: You will accompany the balloon on its initial flights! Current plans are for the balloon's first public inflation to take place on a chartered barge on the Chao Phya River in Bangkok. In Bangkok, you'll stay at the Oriental Hotel, which is generally regarded as the finest hotel in the world. A day or two after the initial ceremonial inflation, you will travel with the balloon to Australia for additional flights. In Australia, accommodations will also be the best available. All expenses will be paid, including round trip air transportation from wherever you live. All you need is a valid passport.

Dates for the intial flights are not yet set, but we anticipate they will occur in the spring of 2002. Of course, we need to start building the balloon before then, and that is why we need you now.

We need to hear from you.

If this interests you at all, write to us. We will be happy to provide any additional information, and to answer any questions that you might have. Don't let this unique opportunity slip away! Contact us at right away.

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