Best Six for 2005

May, 2005




Fort Lauderdale


Best Six for 2005
  1. This is a fancy example of CURLEY'S PATENT (April 22, 1884). Unlike its more common Curley cousins it has inverted and reversed "L" slots that secure the two pins that hold the bell in place until you want to remove the cork from the screw. The 'cheaper' Curley versions have twin angled " \ " slots topped with left leaning "-" slot-locks that did about the same thing but in a slightly slippery way.
  2. PUDDEFOOT'S PATENT (July 10, 1894). The hook is not a cap lifter…though at first glance it appears to be one…rather it is for cutting away any wire that might be on the bottle…odd for a tool not aimed at the bubbly. The hook is then swung onto its position on the bottle lip and becomes a lever.
  3. Here is W. BENNIT'S PATENT (May 15, 1883; # 277,442). On the non-sliding bell is marked "MAGIC CORK SCREW PAT. MAY 15 – 83".
  4. This is the J. M. CLARK & J. C. CRUME WRENCH. It is marked "THE THOMAS MFG. CO. DAYTON, O. U.S.A. PAT. FEB 11, 1902" The patent number is 692,828.
  5. This next to last piece is marked with a trident and is marked "ED WUSJHOF SOLINGEN".
  6. The final item is unmarked. It is a C. L. GRISWOLD PATENT (July 22, 1884, #302,331). The entire chimney-tapered-bell freely slides 10 mm up and down around the internal screw shaft; it is also free to rotate at the whim of the user. As there is no device to restrain its movement when the screw is being inserted into the cork this machine is not as convenient as the CURLEY; but it is probably handier than the 'frigid' BENNIT.

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