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Everything is easy on the Internet! From this page, you can go to a number of Internet search pages, you can search for someone's email address, you can check the latest news ... You can even track Federal Express and UPS packages!

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Internet Email Address Search Tools provides a useful lookup tool for finding email addresses. You can: provides another good email directory service

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Miscellaneous Research:

  • Research It! - An amazing compendium of handy reference tools: Language references, library research tools, geographical information, financial tools, Internet searchers, you name it!
  • - Online calculators to help you solve problems and answer questions in the home, office, and school.
  • Chemical Scorecard - Information from the Environmental Defense Fund, including the location of polluters in your area, plus a database of what we know about the effects of various chemicals.
  • The Year 2000 - Iron Horse Vineyards tells you how much time remains before January 1, 1000.

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