Screwless Tuskers 2004

Team Roster for Fourth Annual King's Cup

Initial Meeting and Photos in Bangkok, May 2004

The Team of Four


Golf is a senior at the university; she is 23 years old, weighs 54 kilograms and stands 174 centimeters (in flats). Inch-wise she is a 32 - 25 - 36. Her hobbies are playing tennis, going to the cinema and having long girlish lunches.


Like Golf, Toktak played in the 2003 King's Cup Elephant Polo Tournament. She is 22 years old, stands 171 centimeters and weighs 53 kilograms. Her important inch measurements are 35 - 25 - 37. She is a senior at Rajaphat Bansomdaj Jalpraya University (in Bangkok). Her interests are swimming and having long girlish lunches.


Jum is 23 years old; she was a runner up in the 2004 Miss Tiffany Contest. (You can Google on that if you like.) She is 171 centimeters tall and weighs 55 kilograms. Her vital inches are 34 - 25 - 37. She is a drama student at one of the two most prominent universities in Thailand: Thummasat University. Her hobbies are cooking and having long girlish lunches

(unable to participate; replaced by Pu)

Keng is the fourth member of the Screwless Tuskers (2004) elephant polo team. She is the youngest of the lot: only 21. She weighs only 46 kilograms and in her bare feet she tops out at 167 centimeters. Inch-wise she is 31 - 25 - 35. Like Jum she is a virgin at the game. She is a senior at Assumption University (another prestigious Bangkok university). Her hobbies are shopping, diving and having long girlish lunches.

(replacement for Keng)

Her name: Chutikhan Lastname Pholyiam
Nick Name: Pu
Date of Birth: 9 October 1981, Age : 23
Weight: 56 Kgs Height : 168 cm.
Body: 32/26/37 inch
Education: Faculty of decorative Arts Department of Visual communication design Silpakorn University.
Hobbies: Drawing, shopping, karaoke, reading, and long girlish lunches.

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