Team Profile :

St. Andrew's House

Mr. James Manclark - Catain :

James aged 64 is the cofounder of W.E.P.A with Jim Edwards and is also the chairman of W.E.P.A He is an ambassador to F.I.P - Federation International de Polo the World ruling body of horse polo due to this he has played horse polo in thirty five different countries. He represented Great Britain at the Olympics in the Luge and the bobsleigh, driving bobsleighs for G.B. for ten years. When he was younger he also drove offshore and circuit power boats and won one of the world championships at Lake Windermere. He owned the Cable and Wireless balloon which attempted to circumnavigate the World but unfortunately it had to ditch when it got to Japan. He also was involved in trying to find what is thought to be one of the most important treasures in South America. He played for the successful Chivas Regal Team which won the grand slam in 2001 scoring the lion's share of all the team goals.

He lives in Scotland and works very hard with his own property companies. He owns the Saint Andrews House Care Home and he hopes that this Elephant Polo team will prove to be an interest for the residents. He is joined by his glamorous wife, private coach, and stick selector, Patricia.

Mr. Alistair Archibald :

Alistair Archibald was the highest rated polo player in Scotland but has retired from being a professional polo player and now he is one of the best people for curing horse with bad backs. He goes all over Britain sorting out horses. An elephant would be an even bigger challenge. Before he took up Polo he was an enthusiastic rugby player and skier.

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Mr. Johnny Kavanagh :

Johnny Kavanagh aged 58 is from Dublin and a long time ago he and James used to play against each other in Ireland. Johnny also works in property. When he was younger he drove racing cars, was an ammeter Jockey, represented Ireland as a junior show jumper, and also sailed the Atlantic and Pacific.

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Kings Cup Elephant Polo Tournament 2004, Hua Hin Thailand