Team Profile :

Mercedes Benz Germany

Mr. Oliver Winter :

Winner of the 2002 Kings Cup trophy, Oliver Winter is once again captaining the Mercedes Benz Thailand German team. In 2002 it was with his own brothers, Christopher and Thomas, that he took the trophy home to Hamburg. This year hes back with two more brothers but not his own this time. Oliver brought polo back to Thailand after a 50-year interval with the reintroduction of polo to the Royal Siam Polo Club. Importing polo ponies from Germany, Argentina, Brunei and Australia, he also acted as teacher and coach and engaged Argentinean professionals to train horses and players.

Mr. Hugo Goetz :

Hamburg-born and raised, 36 year old Hugo is more of a horse-rider than a polo player but promises to be a force to contend with on an elephant. Together with brother and team-mate Dirk, he runs M-TEX, a large textile business in Hamburg. When not on a pony, hes on the golf course.

Mr. Dirk Goetz :

34-year old Dirk, brother of Hugo, is also a keen horseman and runs M-TEX. Together with his Mercedes team-mates, he is learning elephant polo skills from atop a Hummvee   one person drives while the other sits on a large foam box on the roof wielding an elephant polo stick while the third person feeds him the ball. An inventive and creative force on the elephant polo pitch.