Team Profile :

British Airways Team

Lieutenant Colonel Felix Gedney :

A sporting Jack of all trades, but master of none Felix is very much a novice polo player. Having eventually realised that he was ublikely to get picked for the England rugby team, Felix represented England in last year's King's Cup with the team from the King's Royal Hussars. However, the team had more success socially than on the pitch last summer, so Felix is hoping for a higher ranking this year.

Major George Deakin :

George Deakin has often been described in polo tournaments as 'having the physique of Sylvester Stallone, rides like a farmer and hits the ball as if with a sledgehammer'. This will be an interesting combination when put together with elephants! He has played most of his polo with the British Army in Germany and UK, but has also played as far afield as Zambia, Zimbabwe and Cyprus.


Major Andrew Rule :

Andrew is a beginner at polo, having played a small amount of arena polo only. However, coming from Zimbabwe he is confident that he will quickly built up an easy rapour with the elephants, although he is more used to their African cousins.

Capt James Cretney :

James started playing polo during the summer of 1992. Having just returned from a long riding course in Italy and keen to continue with equine sport, a long leave period allowed time to play polo in his home town of Midhurst in Sussex, famed for Cowdary Park and the Gold Cup. Although James still has not managed to play in the Gold Cup and - as his team mates will confirm - is never likely to do so, he remains a keen and enthusiastic player. He is also a keen on tent pegging. James has represented the Combined Services playing in America and has worked for the CSPA, hosting and organising visits by America and Pakistan.


Major Tim Jalland :

Tim Jalland was taught to play horse polo last century by the late Major Ronald Ferguson, but has not caught the soho habit as a result. Unfortunately his polo has been downhill since this promising start. After running out of ponies and scoring only one goal in a very short playing career, he retired from the sport to take up the less demanding job of guarding The Queen in London. However, after extensive visits to the Guards Polo Club, he is now one of the foremost 'treaders in' and Pimms drinkers in the UK. He is hoping for the talent scouts to spot his skill on an elephant, and will be well placed to take part in the first Cartier E Polo tournament.


Kings Cup Elephant Polo Tournament 2004, Hua Hin Thailand