Team Profile :

Mobile Easy

Mr. Aktanai Chutinthranond :

Captain of last year’s Nokia Thailand elephant polo team, Khun Aktanai is an experienced horse polo player who loves to train for triathlons. Last year, he led his team to capture 5th place in the King’s Cup, but this year he has new plans for his team that will surely make the competition nervous.

Mr. Tom Claytor :

Bush pilot and documentary filmmaker, Tom learned to play polo in Africa and carries two polo sticks in the back of his Cessna 180. During last year’s tournament, his elephant was charged and chased off the field by a disgruntled large-tusked umpire elephant. His mahout disappeared, but Tom was still tied on. He thinks that this year he might keep a knife handy to facilitate a quicker departure if needed.

Mr. Churo Pellegrini :

Medical Vet from Salta in the Northwest of Argentina, Churo is helping to care for the horses at Siam Polo Park. He is related to Major Hugh Dawney, the author of Polo Vision, and started to play polo this year. He loves polo because it is a sport that doesn’t just involve people, but also animals. Churo has never ridden an elephant before, and he thinks communication may be the greatest challenge.

Mr. Omsin Pratumalee :

Veteran Thai elephant polo player and stable manager at Siam Polo Park, Khun Omsin is a force to be reckoned with on the polo field. He was a star player on the King Power elephant polo team in 2002 and his son is now playing polo in Argentina. Omsin speaks Thai very well, so he will be a formidable communicator on the field.


Kings Cup Elephant Polo Tournament 2004, Hua Hin Thailand