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Elephant Polo 1996!

This was the third year that the Screwy Tuskers have played in the tournament. The team is co-captained by Alf Erickson and Jean Marks, and consisted this year of Anne, Christy and Patty (Alf's delightful daughters), Laurie Jones (that's me, your friendly Official Screwy Tuskers Journalist) and Marya Murphy (my niece who is not nearly as young as she used to be, as I discovered on this trip). We were accompanied by Anne's sons, Chris and Cameron, whose perspectives on our adventures enriched the trip for all of us. Be sure to read Cameron's story "The Powerful Elephant and The Sleeping Village" in "The Rogue Elephant" section.

If you're interested in reading about the entire adventure, you'll probably want to start with the first section "The Travel" and read the sections in order. Just click on the "Next Section" link at the bottom of each page to go through everything in sequence. If you feel more like browsing, the excerpts on the Main E-Polo Page should give you an idea of the content of the text; just click on the highlighted title and go where you want.

I hope you'll enjoy this site as much as my daughter's 4th grade class enjoyed a recent presentation I made to them about the trip, as reflected in their thank you letters.

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