About the Author:

I live in the beautiful and soggy Pacific Northwest with my kids Bucky and Maggie, my dog Sophie, Bucky’s dog Ralph, Maggie’s cat Ebert, as well as various rodents and birds and fish. Bremerton is located on Puget Sound, nestled between the Cascade mountains to the east and the Olympic mountains to the west; an hour from Seattle by ferry and on the other side of the world from Nepal. I’m a lawyer who has little patience for clients so I delude myself into thinking that I can actually make a living helping people by representing kids and disabled and elderly people who have been thrown into the legal system through no choice of their own. If I can manage to make enough money during the next several years to raise my kids and pay off my mortgage I’ll spend the rest of my life leaving this bizarre American society where people take way too much for granted and seeing more of the big world.

I was very fortunate to meet Alf Erickson several years ago in cyberspace. I was even more fortunate to meet Jean Marks a year or so after that. Alf and Jean are very special people and it is an indescribable pleasure traveling with them.

Laurie F. Jones
Bremerton, Washington
January 1997

e-mail me if you want to at laurie@marbledog.com

Since completing the elephant polo report last year I have been having a grand time designing the Tiger Mountain website. I have also been providing pro bono consultation services to Marbledog Enterprises.

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