Letters from Mrs. Pepper's 4th/5th grade class at View Ridge Elementary School:

Ms. Jones,

My favorite part of your presentation is on the recording of all the terraces. I think they look so cool the way that they were made.

>From Valerie

The part I liked the best on Mrs. Sleagle's movie was the weird dance that the kids did.

By Deirdre Ann Huesmann

I didn't now that they picked up elephant poop with their hands.

Your friend, CJ

Dear Mrs. Jones

I liked your presentation very very much and I liked the Gurkha knife. My favorit thing was that elefent god stachu. [Elephant god statue]

from, Greg


She showd the nif [knife] to us and showd the veiod [video] to us She toks [talks] to us she showd the lefint [elephant] polo to us and the poomit [?] to it was fun to

I really liked the presintation. It was cool. In the video I liked the part that looked like Mortal Kombat. I did not know Mt. Everest was by Nepal. The monkey in the tree was funny. I am glad Maggie's mom's friend gave money to start the first school in Nepal.

>From , Alejandro Martinez

I like when you was on the eliffince and the wiered nife.

Justin S.

Dear Maggie's mom,

That looked like fun when we saw the movie and I liked the part where the elephant's go to the bathroom when the people had to pick them up with their hands.


My favorite part of the movie is when you played eleaphant polo! I liked the drawings in chalk on the elephants. Thanks for coming!

Sincerely, Brianna

Mom -

You sounded different at the presentation yesterday, and you looked like a wildlife specialist. Mrs. Pepper says she's sorry she missed it - but Mrs. Cook liked it.

Your daughter, Maggie

I liked when the monkeys in the trees would keep the tennis ball when you hit them in the trees.

Emily Crawford

My favorite part of the presentation was the movie when they showed you playing elephant polo.

>From Latisha

I liked it when you showed elephant polo. It was neat.

From, Ray Hnatkovich

I learned to not play cricket because when you hit the ball high in the trees it will never come back!

From, Konomi Rivers

(This is what I liked about the story)

She said something about when she was in the woods she saw some trees that looked like the woods on Mortal Kombat!

By Jason


I liked the elephant polo the best. Thank you.

I learned that in Nepal if an elephant poops, the people pick it up.


I thought that the best part was the elephant polo.

Thank you.

Chris Coons

My best part that I like about the movie is when we got to see you play polo. I liked to see elephants sometime.

>From Anthony Estrada

The part I liked about the presentasion was when Mizz Jones was playing elephant polo.


I found out that they have two people who go out there and pick up the elephents dudu. It was a lot quicker than pooper skoopers.


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