Artists' Images of Women

from Paris, December 1998

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Movie posterMovie poster
Movie poster

Peches capitaux
René Maltête

Au musee du Louvre 1970
Alecio de Andrade

My Wife, Nude, Contemplating Her Own Flesh
Salvador Dali

La folie des grandeurs
René Magritte

Luiza, Room 500, Copacabana, Palace Hotel, Rio, 1986
Bruce Weber

Coco, with Fang Mask, 1990
Len Prince

Study for "Wing-Like Arms"In the Sun
Francine van Hove

Colombian Woman Eating an AppleThe Bathroom
Fernando Botero

Blue Nude IIBlue Nude Skipping Rope
Henri Matisse

Les deux amiesLes deux amies
Tamara de Lempicka

Lying Nude Naked Woman Lying on Her Stomach
Edgar Degas

Agnes | huile sur bois

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