The Yang Pass

The Yang Pass, the place where Du Wei (the title of a local administrator) was located during the Western Han (206 B.C. - 24 A.D.) is situated in the bounds of Longlei County, Dunhuang Prefecture. Lying to the south of Yumeng Pass, it is known as the Yang Pass. It is one of the two Passes set by the Emperor Wu of Han after he established the four prefectures in Hexi Corridor. It has been the only way and very important fortress leading to the south 'Silk Road' since Han Dynasty. The Yang Pass had made a great contribution to the exchange between the ancient Chinese culture and the West culture.

Between Wei and Jin Dynasties, the Yang Pass county was set up here. After about 6th century A.D., the Yang Pass county was getting deserted due to the inroads of the flood, the wind and the sand. From then on, the Yang Pass has disappeared year after year and the famous Chinese ancient Poem, 'west of Yang Pass there'll be no old friends,' which describes the bleak and barren of the area of Yang Pass, has become the poetic masterpiece through the ages. Nowadays the relics of the ancient Yang Pass have been buried by dunes, but the foundations of the ancient houses, the sites of the ancient cave dwellings, the ancient farmlands, ditches and a large numbers of the ancient relics are often exposed in sand dunes. The local people call it 'Antique Beach,' from which we can see the thriving and prosperous scenes at that time.