Spinnin’ Silk

Part IV: Epilogue

(following Part III: Pakistan)


Dearest reader, as you must be painfully aware, any persistent and patient frequenter of this journal will have searched in vain for that long promised chapter on the life and times of the boys in Bangkok. But, alas, whatever mental pen strokes that were once cast upstairs have remained stuck in that ether. And, one might fairly go on to ask: "Did these traveling lads satisfy all of their Bangkok needs and desires with but a toe dipped in the hotel swimming pool ... is this all they wrote about what they saw and did in this city of 12 million people ... can this be it ... is there no more?"

Sadly, it does appear that the pen that was so eagerly responsible for bringing to life what was experienced in China and Pakistan seems to have now conveniently slipped into the gutter; perhaps somewhere along the Silom Road. Yes, the Silom Road: that colorful path that has led so many other mortals to temptations of the flesh.

But, did it happen here?

P.S. Coca Cola, Inc. (Thailand) is not, contrary to strong visual suggestions, a sponsor of this page. Nor is the company's best selling product necessarily the preferred "mixer" at Bangkok brothels.

Update, January 2002

Years later (appropriately enough, on Epiphany), Alf recalled finding out the true probable story behind Christopher's "Patpong girl."

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